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What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “Beyond informative for the workplace. I will use much of this knowledge for my own personal health and wellbeing. Made me think about my everyday health. I enjoyed it!”

    ~ Shannon, Environmental Health Specialist from Washington
  • “All lessons are straight to the main points. Kudos!!!”

    ~ Augustine, Accounting from New Jersey
  • “I love how the information is broken up into short video and question segments. It allows me to fit in what I can and complete throughout the day when I have time. The content is clear and easy to understand. ”

    ~ Terra, Instructor, American Bowen Academy. LMT. from Hawaii
  • “I've Just Passed My Third Exam, My Success Is Due To The Excellent Content Quality, I'm Not Stopping Anytime Soon, Course Four Here I Come!!! ”

    ~ DAVID S., Restaurant Manager from New York
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “the test was educational”

    ~ Shannon, 4 months ago
  • “Don't Be Cheap, PAY ATTENTION.”

    ~ Ryan, almost 5 years ago
  • “The Video you have to watch the videos and try to remember what you heard if you can do that you will have know problem passing .”

    ~ Linston M, almost 5 years ago
  • “This training course is very informative with clear, specific explanations of each section of the ergonomics. If everyone in any work place would adhere to these instructions injuries in the workplace would be rare! ”

    ~ Michael S, over 6 years ago
  • “ProTrainings are excellent tools to incorporate to everyday living.”

    ~ Olga F., over 6 years ago
  • “A new possible position has came to me as camp staff & what better way to become more qualified, than to make sure I'm as traimed & prepared as possible, to ensure that the kids under my supervision & care leave camp with more knowledge & less injuries.”

    ~ James, about 7 years ago
  • “he is on point, talks and expresses things clearly and accurately”

    ~ Paul, over 7 years ago
  • “This training was very educational and useful imformation proceedures, safety precautions for the work place to have knowledge of. Provides the wrongs and rights to help reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others during a task in the work place. ”

    ~ Quewana, over 7 years ago
  • “This application is a very nice app. no hassles, and no !”

    ~ Maggie, over 7 years ago
  • “Nope, I am watching a movie right now.”

    ~ Farhan, over 7 years ago
  • “This was very informative, everyone who is working should take this course. ”

    ~ Stella, about 8 years ago
  • “NA”

    ~ Stephen, about 8 years ago
  • “I have been using Pro Cpr for years, easy to do, no complications plus i have advised the staff i work with at my hospital this is the best choice to get your CPR”

    ~ robert, over 8 years ago
  • “The lessons were easy to understand and the videos were very informative. Thank you”

    ~ Derrick, almost 9 years ago
  • “Great learning about ergonomics in the workplace. I am ready and willing to work with a lot more zest and workplace safety in my profession! Thanks to the Pro Ergonomics course. ”

    ~ Jay, almost 9 years ago
  • “Very good training with lots of information!”

    ~ Marcia, about 9 years ago
  • “I highly recommend this course because it addresses with precision and common sense the issues that cause acute and chronic disturbances in persons' activities at work and private life. It offers manageable, effective steps towards prevention of many injuries that often take a long time to heal. Olga Connolly Personal Trainer and Exercise Therapist”

    ~ Olga F., about 9 years ago
  • “good presentation ”

    ~ David, over 9 years ago
  • “N/A”

    ~ Tammy, over 9 years ago
  • “ProErgonomics is a great employee training tool.”

    ~ Kirsty, over 10 years ago